I am a seventh-year PhD candidate in linguistics at Cornell University.

Originally from Szeged, Hungary, I studied Turkic languages (Turkish and Kazakh), diachronic linguistics, and philology in the Department of Altaic Studies at the University of Szeged. It was here, where I earned my first PhD in Altaic Studies. Since 2016, I’ve been a graduate student in linguistics at Cornell University.

My work on understudied Turkic languages such as Kazakh and Kyrgyz aims at contributing to our understanding of syntactic and morphological questions. I have a long-standing interest in Turkic non-finite clauses. My Cornell dissertation focuses on questions surrounding morphological case, with particular attention to the differential subject marking in these languages. More recently, I have been doing work on verbal morphology (noncore argument introducing categories) in Kyrgyz and Kazakh.

This is my CV.

Contact: eo264@cornell.edu